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We Build Sudents' Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

Tutorwiz Education Centre helps all students, grades 1 through 12, reach their full potential in school, including those with special needs such as: Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Aspergerís etc.

Tutorwiz Education Centre was founded in April 2007 by Don Reist, a certified teacher and Specialist in Special Education and his partner Carol Davis.  

They opened the Centre with the belief that students would thrive in a non-threatening, relaxed environment. Don believed that tutoring should be customized to the address the needs of the student. As an acknowledged expert in the area of educational computer applications, he knew that in many cases this technology could assist students to complete their schoolwork independently and greatly improve their study skills.    

Since opening, we, at Tutorwiz, have worked with hundreds of students through our tutoring sessions, computer technology training sessions and March Break and summer computer camps.

We take great pride in the success level of our unique offerings.

We invite you to contact us to arrange a complimentary meeting to learn more about our services.

P.S. We also offer Assistive Technology Workshops for parents and educators.

About Tutorwiz Founder - Don Reist, OCT, B.Sc. B.Ed.

Written by parents.

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