Helping students maximize their abilities since 2007

As a Certified Mathematics teacher and Specialist in Special Education, I opened Tutorwiz in 2007. My goal was to work with students in the manner in which they learn best. As a former programmer/analyst with IBM Canada, I am well versed in the area of computer technology.  I have helped hundreds of students greatly improve their performance in school. Although I customize how I work with each student, there are several basic objectives:

  • Help students understand the concepts of each subject
  • Help students improve their approach to solving problems and completing assignments
  • Help students improve their organizational and study skills
  • Improve their approach to test taking to maximize their results

When these objectives are met, students realize that they are capable of completing the curriculum and their self-confidence and self-esteem improves significantly.

DON REIST –  Founder

Ontario Certified Teacher, B of Science, B of Education – Mathematics, Specialist in Special Education

Don is the founder of Tutorwiz Education Centre. He is an Ontario Certified Teacher and a specialist in Special Education. He has dedicated his life to helping students overcome and deal with the difficulties they face daily in school. He is passionate about helping struggling students and those with various special learning needs. 

Prior to entering teacher’s college, Don worked as a programmer/analyst and an advisory systems specialist with IBM Canada. He is knowledgeable in the areas of computer technology and assistant technology. In addition to his certification in Mathematics and Special Education, he has also completed additional qualifications in Reading.

Since 2007, he has worked with hundreds of students through one-on-one sessions and specialized summer camps. Don strives to help every student discover their abilities and come to the realization that they can successfully complete their school work. He carefully and fully explains the main concepts in each subject area. He helps them improve their organizational and study skills. He provides detailed guidance to improve students’ problem solving and test taking skills. He provides training on the effective use of computer technology. 

Don and Lt. Gov. David C. Onley
Don and Lt. Gov. David C. Onley

Don has received a number of awards including:

  • Special Education Innovation Award
  • Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Community Volunteer Award
  • AODA 10th Anniversary Champion Award
  • DREN Media Award

From 2011 through 2015, Don hosted and produced “Forum On Abilities” on Rogers television. Over 142 episodes he interviewed over 150 individuals involved in education and with people with disabilities. He also appeared on Know It All where he discussed in detail working with children with special learning needs and dealing with school boards. In 2018, he hosted and produced “Pathways to Success with Don Reist”.

He is a published author in the area of Special Education on a range of topics including: “Parents as Advocates”, “Leveling the Playing Field with Assistive Technology”, “Engage, Motivate and Accommodate Students with Special Needs”, “Embracing ADHD”, “Celebrating Success”, “Put Out the Fire: The Behaviour Will Settle Down”, etc. 

Don has sat on the Board of Directors of: OASAR, Learning Disabilities Association of Durham and the Multiple Sclerosis Association of Durham.