Many students with special learning needs (Learning Disabilities, ADHD/ADD and high functioning Autism (Asperger’s)) struggle every day at school. Over time they become overwhelmed by school. They start to believe they are not capable of completing the curriculum . Their self-confidence and self-esteem diminishes. Many times behavioral problems develop.

Students with special learning needs can greatly benefit from the training and expertise of a certified Special Education Teacher.

Special Education Teachers can:

  • Interpret Psychoeducational assessments

  • Analyze Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and suggest appropriate accommodations

  • Determine each student’s most effective learning style

  • Work with students in the way they learn best

  • Overcome the anxiety of working in a group

  • Improve organizational, study and test taking skills

  • Improve the student’s self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Improve the student’s ability to complete work on their own

As a certified Specialist in Special Education, I have been working with students with special learning needs since 2004. I have helped hundreds of these students overcome the obstacles they face and successfully complete the curriculum. I welcome you to visit the testimonial page to review the comments from some of my clients.